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How high can you jump?

Time your shots and aim carefully! Shoot your chains to swing, jump & free run up perpetually infinite falling platforms in your journey into the skies! This is no parkour race, one mistake & it could mean game over in this vertical 2d platformer side scroller.

Get to the Bottom… Not!

Keep jumping up falling platform blocks while dashing through the air like Ninjas in anime! Steel your nerves as you aim your chain claws at the next falling platform while falling in mid-air! Missing the next shot could mean the end… of your high score! Do not get to the bottom, because there is none!

Be a Real Ninja Warrior Legend, This is No Sushi Adventure!

Don’t turtle around & be a clumsy Ninja no more! Ninja up your timing & finger reflexes in this deceptively simple casual game! Insanely easy to pick up, but hard to master! Stop slashing fruits & become a real ninja warrior legend!

Up Your Coordination Game
Exercise your hands, eyes & brain coordination to the level of the mystical ninja! Bring your brain up to the next level as you watch the swinging arrow like a hawk & time your tap with the precision of a master Ninja.

Endless Arcade Jumping!
Embark on the endless quest, with endless arcade jumping & swinging excitement you’ve never experienced before, right in your mobile!

Super Replayable Time Killer!
Game over? Peek beyond the shadow of death, reborn fast & get back to the addictive time killing swing jumping action quickly! Get to the highest distance you can and challenge your friends today!

How to Play
❖Jump higher & higher in this endless chain claw jumper!
❖Aim your chain claws at the next falling platform… while falling through the air!
❖Fire your chain claws… pray it hits!
❖Zip up your chains to the safety of the next falling platform... for the next few seconds!

❖One-tap easy-to-learn controls!
❖Endless arcade jumper & swinging in one game!
❖ Easy to learn, hard to master!
❖Great workout for your nerves!
❖Portrait Mode Design for mobile, playable with one hand!
❖ Super small mb download!

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