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Have a blast of an adrenaline filled time as you get high scores to challenge your friends & train your memory, concentration & reflexes, all at the same time!

The classic game of memory concentration with a new twist!
Train your memory, concentration & reflexes wherever you go!
Designed to be more fun, more exciting & even more addictive!
Fast game for fast memory recall, train & improve your short term memory!

Train your short term memory, focused concentration & hand-eye coordination reflexes wherever you go!
Beneficial pastime game to keep your brain active!
Short session to kill time while training your brain & have fun!
Adrenalin rush will give you a quick pick-you-up when you need it.

Who is it for?
Young & old. Who doesn’t need a good memory & keep their brains active?
Young can improve memory & concentration, old can keep brains active.

How to Play : The Twist
❖Each match starts with a countdown timer and 12 cards.
❖Cards are opened & revealed for a short duration, search & memorize the cards & positions!
❖Cards are closed & you have to open up matching pairs as fast as you can!
❖Cards that are opened will remain opened. Gobble them up if you only remembered 1 of a pair!
❖Once all cards are opened, a new set of 12 cards will be set up & a new round begins!
❖Complete as many rounds as you can for the best score!

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