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Enjoy our free casual cute arcade collecting game, an original arcade prize catcher game with a twist! Catch & collect all the cute Boba monsters by buying Boba teas to suck up the multiple Boba pearls at once & see if you've caught a Boba Monster for your collection!

Free Arcade Collecting Game to Collect Boba Monsters!

Round, bouncy & in many varieties, the Boba pearl monsters are so cute & kawaii, you've gotta collect all the Boba monsters! Download & play this free arcade prize collecting game today!

A Twist to UFO Catchers & Prize Claws Arcade Games!

If you are a prize catcher fan of addictive arcade games of claw machines, crane machines or UFO catchers, and in love with collecting games, you'll surely love this cute prize catching collecting game!

Tap to sink your straw into the delicious Boba tea to suck up and catch as many Bobas as you can... catch the Bobas before your drink runs out!

Hours of Free Arcade Game Time Killing Fun!

Enjoy hours of free arcade collecting & prize catching fun by collecting all the Boba monsters! Unlock mysterious Boba Tea mixers for more Boba Tea flavors to discover & to catch more Boba monsters to add to your collection!

Unlock Boba Tea Mixers for More Boba Teas!

Collect as many Boba monsters as you can to unlock the Boba Tea mixers! Each Boba Tea mixer have their own collection of Boba Teas specialties with new Boba monsters to catch & collect!

Totally Free Arcade Collecting Game!

Boba Catcher free arcade game is totally free! If you are looking for a game to pay, you are not going to find it here!

✦Free Arcade Prize Collecting Game!
✦Totally Free to play & nothing to Pay!
✦Casual & Easy tap to catch gameplay!
✦Relaxing & Stress relieving gameplay!
✦Unlock Mysterious Boba Tea Mixers!
✦Small mb download!
✦Realistic Physics!

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